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Take Time To Enjoy

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to my blog on enjoying life. I found this incredible video on YouTube and have included it for your pleasure, as well.

This really captures how simple enjoying life can really be.  A smile on the face of a child, people dancing, riding a bike or even just reading a book; all simple tasks that provide a multitude of pleasure. 



Small Boat

Remain Calm

This website covers

a wide range of things that you or someone you love may need to consider to get back to that one moment in life that defines each and every one of us.  What kind of work we do, what are we doing to improve our personal relationships and when will we actually stop waiting for something good to happen and just “Do It”, go make it happen?

When was the last time you actually put something in your mouth and savored each and every bite of it?  I stumbled on this website online and my mouth is still watering.  Breakfast is my favorite meal and we all know it is the “most important meal of the day”.

Do you want to learn in 22 easy steps some of the ways to Enjoy Life?  This is a “How To” website with great insight.  Read and enjoy.

When surfing the net, I am constantly amazed at the kind of unique, helpful and well researched information is that is out there in cyber-space.  This site really hits the mark with the key element being “slow down”.  I can sure relate to that. 

When I was young, I was never home. I was always out on the go, or on the phone planning to be gone somewhere. 

Now later on in my life, I have learned to appreciate a comfortable chair to sit in, the relaxation of quiet and the sounds of birds chirping in a nearby garden. 

In my opinion, it is also clear that no matter where people live, what language they speak or what religious beliefs they have, the world has one thing in common….That people want to Enjoy Life.

I hope you enjoy this blog.  Please come back later as I continue my “quest” for more interesting sites to add to your reading enjoyment.



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